Feb 12, 2014

yarn along - post-traveling chaos

 quick post today...as I´m running to catch train back home...
I´m back from our little adventure (more about it later) and I´ve been organizing all the tickets and pictures into my junk-journal (so no book to show you this week) ...there´s a lot of photos I want to print and a lot of memories to write down. I loved the trip and I´m currently pouting over how unfair it is that our school started a week earlier.

I´m in the "zipper-bag" phase and I´ve made another little one - this time it´s simple dark-rey granny square with green cotton fabric lining...just a simple small project, before I start something bigger.
I´ve added small fabric pocket on the inside to keep things organized.

the problem is that all the bags I´ve made so far are not big enough to fit a tooth-brush inside ...this one does, but only diagonally and I can´t stand that...so none of them will become a cosmetic bag, which means you´ll see me making another bag in the future :D

what are you reading and crafting this week?

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