Feb 1, 2014

packing for a trip

I m going on a week-long trip around Czech Republic - well, we'll only get to see a small bit of the country, but it's gonna be super awesome!!!! - can you tell how excited I am????? CAN YOU???

and since we'll have to carry all our stuff with us, I've decided to make a list of things I'm taking and hopefully, update it after the trip and tell you I didn't use half of the crap I packed ....oh well...
here goes my "minimalist packing list" which still makes my backpack weight a ton.

I have my junk-travel-journal and a book (enough to make a cat laugh) wrapped in paper so it won't get ruined in the backpack.

these are packed on top + small zipper pocket of my backpack filled with small rolls of washi tape and pens for journaling ... plus cell phone and camera chargers.

In the main compartment of the backpack I have 4 t-shirts (probably overpacking here - I may leave some at home) , long thermal underwear and unmentionables packed in a separate drawstring bag 
(photo lost in translation) 

there's also my water-bottle,  body spray and I'll add my camera on top. 

I packed my cosmetics in a transparent bag so I can see what's inside
(toothbrush + toothpaste, soap, my ruby-cup and  painkillers, q-tips, hairbands etc. 

I packed my spare pants, socks, together with my face and body towels (only taking small ones)  and a sweater in another cotton drawstring bag - it's easier to find stuff in your backpack if it's organized in smaller bags ...

my cosmetic pouch, together with the jeans n'towels n'socks bag (the green flowerish one) and a small zipper pouch with my cloth-pads (just in case) fit nicely in the "shoe" compartment at the bottom of the backpack ...
I put it all there, so it will be easier to find my camera, journal and book in the top compartment - during the day - when I won't need change of clothes...

I'm only taking small handbag because I'll have to carry my backpack everywhere and I don't want to drag along another big shoulder-bag...so just the bare necessities:
mirror, hairbands and PIMP's luxe-liner (cloth panty-liner) fit nicely into the square green tin box and I can tuck them into the smaller zipper pocket inside my handbag, together with chapstick - so they won't get in the way when I don't need them.
I have my wallet with ID card and money + last couple of Life with Greyson and Parker stickers 
I'll add train and bus tickets here - and keep the used ones in my junk journal
and of course cellphone

I've also added pen, which fits nicely inside the metal loop of the paper-clip that I have clipped on the side of my handbag 
-I like to have small things like paper clips, tissues etc. with me, just in case I need them.

I'll have my mp3 player in my coat pocket together with gloves (in case it gets super cold)

that's it... all packed and ready for the adventure... I'll post an update when I get back - and you can expect a post loaded with photos after the trip as well...

yay! feels nice to be so organized... you all know I'm only doing this because I love making lists of things I packed...or any lists in general...so...yeah...

oh and a sleeping- bag which I'll strap to the top of my backpack...

any ideas about what I could leave home? - preferably something from my list that's as heavy  as overweight labrador and that I won't need, but I just didn't notice it yet... 

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