Feb 19, 2014

yarn-along "pinafore"

 I'm working on another pattern for a vest - this one will be (probably) shaped like a "pinafore" with a button on the back or on shoulders - I didn't decide yet...
I'm knitting the front panel but it's almost done and so far I'm happy with the result.

I'm going to finish reading On the road - I still have few pages left and the book reads easily for me - just as if I was on the road, moving along the pages ...

weather has been crazy these days which I guess contributes to all the mood swings I had recently... it's grey and rainy today and it's been a slow couple of days...I'm ready to be done with this week.
A good cuddle in bed with knitting and hot tea would be perfect or maybe a movie night, or a couple of Doctor who episodes... we'll see what week-end brings.

what have you been crafting and reading?

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