Jan 31, 2014

leek and zucchini quiche

...also known as "whatever we have at home" quiche...

this creation was loosely based on this recipe and by loosely I mean...no.
why not?

-because I don't like mushrooms
-because we only had one egg and no cream at home
-because I have terrible time keeping up with any recipe, knitting pattern or basically any list of instructions containing more than two steps.

My improvised (yet dangerously delicious) leek and zucchini quiche

-   1 and  1/4 cups wholewheat flour ( + spoon of regular flour after things got uncontrollably sticky =      may not be needed)
- 110 grams of butter/baking margarine (or whatever fatty concoction you usually use in your baked creations)
- 2 tablespoons of cold water
-pinch of salt and smaller pinch of sugar

mix together...the recipe tells you to wrap it in foil and let chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour - LOL
ain't nobody got time for that!

-I cut up one leek (that's all we had) - put it in pan and let them cook with a bit of water and butter until tender (which means, until I lost my patience and turned off the stove - they don't change much over time so you should be good, just let them cook while you prepare the pastry )
- oh I also chopped in a bit of green pepper - because  I could!

-I sliced one zucchini ...chop chop chop (because we had it in the fridge....feel free to use whatever veggie stuff you find lying around) and set it aside

-roll out the dough - I rolled it out directly on a circle of baking paper because
 a) I didn't feel like sprinkling flour all around the kitchen
 b) using baking paper means easier clean-up afterwards
 c) I saw instantly how big the rolled-out dough needs to be to fit in the baking form

-put it in the oven (175°C ) to "pre-bake" - whatever that means...

-mix one (and only) egg with half cup of plain natural yogurt (because who on Earth keeps cream in the fridge? right? right? ...anyway, saying you used natural greek yogurt sounds fancier )

-put leeks in there with a bit of grated cheese and mix it all together - it looks funny

-plop it in the pre-baked pastry and cover with slices of zucchini


-panic because you realize you didn't use any salt or pepper or anything that would give it a bit of taste...

-sprinkle salt and pepper on and shake out the last bits of cheese from the grater on top.

-bake until done... 20 minutes I guess?


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