Jun 3, 2013

homesick...cut-off jeans, safari shoes and red beans...

here's another post with absolutely no meaning, plot or any other interesting characteristics. It's here just because.

I sleep in my cut-off jeans and wear my safari shoes around the house when I feel homesick.
back home I used to sleep in jeans, too tired to change, plus the second time around I didn't really have any pajamas with me.
There were three piles of clothes on my table. - clean from washing machine (home) - clean, hand washed - work clothes. (work clothes would get washed and they'd move to the "hand washed" pile, while clothes from hand-washed pile would eventually become work clothes) - I think I've explained the logistics behind this many times...

Today, I also had red beans for lunch...with pasta - I'm not brave enough to make rice.
But it didn't taste right. It never does when you didn't sort the beans yourself, didn't pick out bugs and throw the ones with too many holes away. Doesn't seem right without the lingering taste of fear in the background - waiting for that piece of dirt which somehow always finds a way to every plateful.
They didn't taste right, first class, from jar.
How funny it would seem if they labeled bags of rice and beans the same way people do back home. "Human food second class"

I know I pretty much just repeat the same memories over and over...who cares, this is my blog.

anyway... I just thought I'll explain the title of  2nd June - photo challenge picture "homesick"

...and the more I walk barefoot, the less my feet fit inside shoes... I knew this was going to happen, and it's pretty exciting how my toes are almost straight - back to normal again...but my safari shoes are pretty wide so I thought they'd fit for a little bit longer...oh well...


  1. I'm in awe of your ability to walk everywhere barefoot, what a great feeling that must be.

    I didn't know that your shoes wouldnt fit after wearing none for a while!

    1. :) well, maybe it's not true for everyone and every shoes...but your feet get wider after walking without shoes because toes get straight and they spread naturally (to create bigger surface so body weight is better distributed + it gives better "grip" on the ground :D ) ...so most of the shoes get too tight, mainly the front part where toes are usually squished together... :P that's what I've heard and now I can say it's true :D..
      yeah, it's great feeling to go barefoot - you notice even little bits of grass growing in the cracks of our concrete jungle...it just makes me feel more connected with the world and strangely more at peace - no idea why, really... and it's not really "my ability to walk everywhere barefoot" - everyone can do that, it's really easy (and cheap :D )

      oh! and thanks for commenting on my blog - I love it when people do :)