Jun 9, 2013

need to walk

/ a list of my favorite barefoot information pages/blogs is at the end of the post - feel free to skip the rambling and go straight to the important stuff/

there's this need to walk - it never leaves my mind, it's still there.
I may be lazy in many many ways, lazy to do things I don't consider important.

I'm lazy to go to the shop and get food sometimes, until there's absolutely nothing to eat and I've cooked the last bit of forgotten pasta - because it's not important enough - oh the joys of us "first world" people - when we don't need to consider food priority.

It's about never being really hungry. I guarantee you I'd run to the shop at 4 in the morning if I was really hungry (or at least as hungry as I was after first africa), or if I needed to feed one of my kids...but for me - myself, it's not a priority anymore (which kind of explains why I didn't spend a month in a fridge stuffing my face with food after second africa...I think the first time changed me).

I'm lazy in so many ways... but not for walking. I'd walk all day if I could.
I don't know where I'd walk, there's not an exact "goal" in front of me, I just feel the need to walk.

I think that's the answer to the question why I need to walk.
Being outside in the world without shoes, touching the Earth with every step I take brings peace. It makes me feel connected to... to what?
I makes me feel as if I was getting closer to finding the purpose of my life and at the same time, at peace with not knowing what exactly I'm supposed to do. But I can't explain why.

 It would seem like taking your shoes off won't change that much -but it does. It makes me aware of the world, and I acknowledge and appreciate every moment. Walking barefoot is like a constant reminder I'm alive.

When I walk with shoes, I completely forget I'm walking, I just go and get to the place where I want to go, without noticing. But life isn't about the destination, it's about the journey. and bare feet keep that in my mind.

And being a barefooter shouldn't be just about leaving the shoes behind.
For me it means leaving behind fears and worries, and live and love unconditionally.
When you leave your shoes at home, you willingly choose to take a risks (which are few and rather rare - contrary to popular belief, but still..).
And it needs to be the same way with everything in life. I no longer think about putting on shoes when I leave our place in the morning. I do plan ahead - carrying a pair of shoes is important on school days, or when I need to go shopping etc. ) but for visiting friends, walking around the city, or walking to the park to study outside it's so easy to forget about foot-wear.
It took a bit of getting used-to, at first I had this feeling like everyone's looking at me and judging me...but now it feels natural and I don't think about it anymore.

I want to LOVE the same way I walk barefoot. Without questioning myself, without fears and boundaries, without placing an unnecessary walls between me and loved ones.... Just love.

that's the way I feel I should be - LIVE AND LOVE BAREFOOT.


I just wanted to post a list of links to my favorite barefooters' blogs and pages...but what was supposed to be a quick introduction turned into pretty long post...anyway, here's the list:

Society for barefoot Living - FAQ

their whole page is awesome, but FAQ are especially useful for those considering to start barefooting.

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Barefoot living
my favorite blog  :)

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