Mar 8, 2013

sleeping in class

it rains a lot these days, and when I walk to school in the morning I look up to the sky and let the rain drops fall on my face. (it helps with the "waking up").
And I keep thinking - a little bit of water never killed anyone - right?
Once there wasn't enough water for bucket showers and we had to wait for rain to wash ourselves - in Africa - oh sweet memories of bucket showers and smell of laundry soap.

The truth is I like rainy days. 
Yes, I do complain about the weather - and yes, I usually say I hate rain and cold and ... I don't know why.

A friend told me today, that when he's feeling blue, he looks up at the sky and feels really small and knows how insignificant our problems really are. When you look at the "big plan".
And I needed that.
I needed to hear that sometimes it's ok to just let go and not care about stuff. Because really, it's just us - who creates all the problems in our lives.

He makes me think, and I like that. I used to think a lot and now I no longer do that. I have to start again.

Today I didn't walk barefoot from school, but the ride home was just as good. This is why I like Fridays - even though today I was half-asleep most of the day - as one of the professors kindly pointed out and made the whole class look at me.

And another week is over and I desperately wish I could stay in Portugal forever. Life is good.

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