Mar 7, 2013

meaningless rambling

I was supposed to write about my knitting project today, right? it's wednesday and I actually finished the hat I've started last week, it still needs to be blocked but - official report says it's finished.

My hair is a mess but  it'll soon be fixed by a friend - then you might see some photo of me again.

I'm on a "Michael Castro kick" right now...

I walk barefoot more - mostly just home from school, still getting used to that rough concrete and stone paved streets of my portugal. today it felt lovely to step into puddles

/ this photo was taken way back when we still lived in the first flat - I liked it mostly because we had a patio - really big patio - and it's a fancy word I like to use...we moved now... yes I do use my legs like table sometimes  /

It's raining, nonstop, and my room smells like Ireland. I've spent a lot of time in the shop with one of the girls who live with me - trying to find the perfect scent of incense and I found one which greatly reminds me of my time spend with my Irish family.

I had a perfectly deep and meaningful post prepared but today my brain just doesn't work...we'll have to save it for some other time guys...

tomorrow I'm going to sleep in and then have an awesome night! - that's the most productive decision of this week!

good night.

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