Mar 11, 2013


I woke up at 8, which is unusually early for a day which officially starts at 2p.m.
I sat through whole two hours of portuguese TPA lesson and understood majority of things discussed. 
I still wish someone would have helped me with translation..
I took off my shoes after school and walked home.
I stepped in puddles and looked up at the sky.
I had a man point at me today because I was walking home from school barefoot. 
I watched half of the 4th season of "How I met your mother" 
I checked my cell phone million times. No texts.
My legs still hurt from yesterday's run.
I wrote another pointless blog post, because I need to write more - just for practice.
working on some poetry these days...

I searched through my pinterest boards and found one picture which made me dream about summer again...well, summer and someone who would sit outside with me, wrapped in blankets and looking at the stars. A girl can dream.
this is my idea of a fun night out

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