Mar 13, 2013

I lived that afternoon

Clouds were pulled down
to the depth of valley,
from skies. 
Heavy with rain 
and dreams of all creatures.
I heard drops' lives ending 
on the windshield of your car.
They did not care, 
some call it destiny.

Wheels drummed 
on cobblestones of streets
and traffic on red bridge
held us close for a little longer.
Air was grey and the shade of green
full of promises.
Incoming spring.

I sat back, looked up
and watched clouds follow us.
You talked.
It was enough to stop time,
the sound of your words 
filling space under the roof, 
and all at once
the universe made sense.
You said we are here for a while,
just a part of Earth's history.

But we live for moments like these.
This is the purpose of human existence.
Rain soaked shoes,
taste of chocolate.
The laughter will resonate in memories,
when life plays over 
before our world ends.

I lived that afternoon.

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