Mar 30, 2013

meanwhile at the internship...

I've been spending every free hour at the internship. It's true, I need insane number of hours, but I'll keep going there even after my hours are finished. I'm kind of a workaholic - but not for school work no, not for that, you see...

I like following the interns during their shift and watch, and listen, and learn. I do get to help with a lot of stuff which is awesome, but I'm not sure they know how much I appreciate it.

I like lying on a german shepherd in the middle of the room covered in blood, while the doctor tries to put ice around the sutures from castration which keep bleeding. 

and all that runs through my head is ...

he's a very special and patient dog, if someone tried to fight with me and put ice down there I'd be much more dramatic than he was.
And he's also loyal friend to his owner - he broke one metal bar in the door of his box (we had to move him to another one), chewed his way through a portion of his cone...
And he keeps crying constantly, I mean 24/7 crying, while attempting to escape - which is hilarious - considering how big he (+ that cone around his neck)

I like coming home at 5 in the morning after awesome 16 hours of exhausting stuff, knowing I'll probably sleep till lunch time. And it usually rains so after I walk home 40 minutes it doesn't really matter if I go fast or take my time enjoying the shower.
  Night shifts are the best because I'm the only student there so I  get to do more. And I feel like I'm actually least a little bit...I hope...
I like the feeling that...
I like discovering that yes, Ulcermin indeed tastes as nice as it smells - something between bitter lemon and licorice.

I loved (sarcasm here) how Obelix choose to wipe his nose on my hand (after sneezing out his naso-oesophageal feeding tube) - to be fair,I deserved it, for holding him while the doctor tried to put it in place. 
I'd do everything for Obelix - seriously, he's the sweetest dog on the world.I'd pretty much loose my patience with people if they stapled feeding tube to my nose several times.

I love how the interns at the hospital let me try to do stuff, even though I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time...
but hey! they taught me how to take blood samples,manually express urinary bladder, do physical exams, set the IV fluids machine - and all of that while having fun.

yet people still ask why I stay at the internship till early morning....well because I'm having time of my life...duh.
and I owe it all to YOU awesome interns from UTAD Veterinary Hospital!


  1. ICE ICE Baby :D ....LOL.... best post ever ! :D ...i'd like to try your internship for one day (one hour?) even though I would have no idea what I would be doing... :D D.

  2. poor baby, hope he will be ok..