Apr 16, 2013

Drought came upon us

Hot air in our city
smells after fried asphalt,
dirt, dust and people.
Faint scent of grass
and raspberry leaves.

Stray dogs lay down,
alongside queens and tomcats.
None will attack the other
in time of drought,
for who wishes to live,
better follow the sacred law.

They meet in peace at the riverside.
Cobblestones white from heat,
steel of forgotten railway,
melted and bent.
Bare feet no longer leave
sweaty prints on tiles,
all water gone.

And dogs lay with cats.
We humans should learn
and in times of our own drought
meet in peace at water.
Sit in tall grass, beaten by sun,
pray for the blessing of rain,
to fill our empty riverbeds.
You shall not hunt in dry times.

You shall not kill.
We have yet to understand,
the ancient rule of life.

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