Mar 19, 2013

as I walked home from internship...

as I walked home from internship this sunday, there were string lights on the streets under the red bridge.
I stayed in the hospital a bit longer to help with night medication and a little bit of cleaning.
The responsible intern was quite happy I helped because we had an emergency admission of a dog right before the night medication and the place was a mess. 
I got a piece of delicious pie as a reward.... I keep telling myself I do it for the experience but the pie was pretty awesome too.
I saw an owl fly across the sky as I walked home.
And those lights...I want to remember the moment forever.
/ I didn't have my camera with me so I don't have any photo of the actual street but it looked something like this/

Life wins

The air stood still,
in warm silence of cold March twilight.
Christmas lights, dim, careless,
crossing the streets
like stray dogs of our town,
shining through their own lives,
It is way past the bedtime,
yet children run outside
and jump in celebration under purple skies.
The winter is over!
Neighbors who rarely talk,
but know each other since always
meet on the street.
Black cobblestones polished,
orange leaves swept to the side.
I guess they had mince pies,
beer and dried fruit,
but all I saw from top of the red bridge
was eerie happiness and hope.
Soon He will die for us,
but not for long.
Life will win again, after all, it always does.
That is why Christmas lights still shine
and packs of dogs quietly run
on the roads each night,
as if they had no worries on this world.

Because life always wins.

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