Jan 30, 2013

random ...update on my life

-going back to Portugal

yeah, apparently the Erasmus deadlines mean nothing and you can sign up for summer semester week before classes start. Awesome.
I was waiting for it to be official, before I told you - and now I have my flight ticket so I guess it doesn't get much more official than that.

-could you help me with my fundraiser for CARE - every dollar/euro/pound counts...thank you!

-my newest love from the music field Michael Franti

for some unknown reasons I want summer. The frustrating fact that we have a lot of snow and instead of snowboarding I'm stuck inside studying might have something to do with it.
So if I can't head out to the mountains, I want summer.

-I ate all chocolate chips and raisins from my cereal-chocolate mix. I even tried the little crunchy parts which sort of looked like chocolate but nah, it ain't foolin' no one.

-I made a list of things I want to pack - it is much shorter than when I was packing for first semester.
why is it that  when I go somewhere for the second time I feel like all I'll need is a pair of jeans some tees and sweats to sleep in?

-I may have done this... (far from finished - it's a journey)
-new episode of New Girl is out... the previous one was good - watch-8-times-a-day-good , but this one... I might break the records and re-watch it till the cows come home :D te-he-he...it is ma favorite... I'm not going to say why - no spoilers, don't worry...just watch it if you didn't already.

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