Jan 17, 2013

I need your help

maybe you've noticed already - I have this habit of taking pictures of my feet in different places of the world - in places I love.

I walk without shoe as much as I can....I CHOOSE to.

I remember the feeling of soft red dust, flying through my toes up and around my ankles as I run, chasing John, who was playing with his friends outside and I had to get him his lunch dose of anti-malaria pills.

I  remember feeling the hard rocky surface of the Makuyu road when we went for a cup of chai.
When I close my eyes I feel the cold, smooth concrete of the Hall, where I would sit on a wobbly bench and eat dinner with my kids.

I choose to walk without shoes many times, I walked across the compound at night, in the dark, knowing the way around - to get a drink of fresh cold water. No shoes. I used to slip on socks at night, so my sheets would stay clean even though my feet were dusty.


Imagine you would get up in the morning, have breakfast and instead of watching your kid go to school in their bright clean clothes, you would give them a bucket and send them to walk miles.

No darling, you can't go to school today. We need water, so here you go, take this bucket and walk down to the water, (and by down, I mean 8 km or more).
I know you want to learn and play with your friends honey, but I'm sorry, you'll have to go fetch the water twice, you know, like every day.

I can't imagine sending one of my kids to do that. can you?

I've decided to join Walk in her Shoes - CARE and raise money to change lives.

But I need your help here.
Can you pray for all the girls and women who walk alone, every day, long distances to provide water for their families?
Next time you take shower, imagine how many miles you'd have to walk for that much water if you were them.
Next time you go get a drink from your fridge, imagine how water would taste after you've carried it several miles.
Would you consider helping me raise enough funds to reach my target and get a well build for those who really need it?

I will post updates here - to let you know how the fundraising is going.

meanwhile, would you mind sharing this page  with your friends? facebook friends? maybe bloggers?

here's a blog button I made - if you'd like to put it on your sidebar, or into your post :)

like this, just smaller, or course... it will take you to my fundraising page.
here's the code:

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