Feb 4, 2013

I'm becoming a "all-natural" junkie...and other stuff

lately I've started researching all the ways you can live more...naturally and eco-friendly... and let me tell you it's addicting.

I'm all barefooting, raw diet and cloth pads and eventually cloth diapers, and cloth baby wipes, and cotton knitted washcloths. 

I really don't know how it started but there is no going back now :D
I just wish it was easier to stick to everything I believe in....it'll take time to get used to it, I guess.

and every time I see this post on pinterest I remember the "how about no" bear and I think "How about cloth"  so I couldn't help myself and had to put those two pictures together.

it's freezing here in Portugal, and they don't have central heating in flats so it's warmer outside than in my room. Yay! layers, layers, layers for sleeping.
at least we have warm water now.

We'll start school on Thursday and I can't wait to actually do something.
My new roommates are awesome and there should be at least two more coming in next days.
It's cold, but I probably already told you.
It's cold.

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