Oct 29, 2012

(no internet) post about the week-end

Sunday – sunny autumn Sunday calls for apple cheddar scones and some warm pumpkin soup with black beans.
Yes, I did browse Smitten Kitchen again.

Apple – yumm, I can’t imagine taste which would suit fall better than sweet juicy apple.
Cheddar – of course! I still remember the rich nutty taste of white cheddar little Darragh chewed before giving it to me…ah sweet Ireland.
Scones – bring it on! There ain’t nothing easier than scones, and who wouldn’t want a warm scone on a day like this?

But together?
Deb says they are addictive. I was sceptical. How can you combine cheese and apples and yet produce something addicting?
I was prepared for foul taste of salted apple.
…great was my surprise when I sliced (yes sliced – lazy me – I just patted the dough into one baking pan and then sliced them after baking) – and I’ve tasted autumn.
It’s warm and sweet, but not too much, and juicy with chunks of apples, and …oh so addictive. Deb was right.

I’m knitting a shawl designed by Stephen West (my personal knitting hero) – but I’m improvising the pattern by looking at the photos he posted on Ravelry.
As much as I love all his work, I don’t have $6 to pay for pdf. Sorry Stephen.
It should work – in theory – we’ll see how it is after I cast it off the needles – it’s hard to tell now.
I found a shop called Hiper China (yes it makes my eyes bleed when I see hiper- or hipo- with “I” instead of “y” but this is Portugal) …anyways, they sell all kinds of things there – yarn, pods, electronics, perfumes, incense, shoes, pillow filling,.. and that’s why I have yarn – finally. Oh I love you Hiper China!

And I’ve made pumpkin soup with black beans – yet another Smitten Kitchen masterpiece… it’s thick and filling, and a cup of hot pumpkin soup is exactly what one needs here with freezing wind outside and no heating inside… I tell you, Portuguese people are either very cold-resistant or very crazy. I can’t imagine what we’ll do in December.

And most importantly– we have a boy who is younger and even better (as if that was possible) version of Nick Muller from New Girl in our class  – needless to say I’m falling in love, hating week-ends and loving Mondays when we have lessons with him… ah Nick Muller, what did you do to me?

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