Oct 14, 2012

it's chilly here... autumn has finally caught up with the west coast of Europe and our city with tropical temperatures is now filled with fog and rain puddles.
It happened overnight, this weather which calls for knee-high socks, strong tea with milk and almond sugar and hand-knitted sweater on top of your flannel shirt.

Or at least some started sock on the needles, or a cast-on row of stitches for Christmas surprise.
I woke up at 5 in the morning to the sound of rain dripping down from the roof to my balcony.
Today is Sunday, which means ten more weeks before I fly home.

I like it here, Portugal is a charming place with lots of colorful doors and old stone houses to photograph. There are kind old ladies in the shops and groups of curly-haired young men sitting on the benches around the park. You know I have a soft spot for curly hair.
Millions of street dogs and cats.

But I couldn't live here. It's too different from my homes. You could call it ideal combination - with luxuries of european country with shops and reliable public transport, and churches and museums and electricity and drinking water running from the tap, but at the same time it has the calm and slow pace, almost like africa, where you don't hurry and take your time with life. Only in africa you feel it much more and there is God's presence everywhere you go.
And I still miss home. Even with awesome surgery classes at school, and new friends I've met here.
It doesn't really make sense - does it?

I prayed for this and couldn't wait to pack my suitcase and go. I'm glad I did. I've learned many things about myself since I came here, but it was enough, now I'm ready to go back.
Why is it that every time autumn comes, it feels like new beginning to me?
Like I should put few shirts into my backpack and go somewhere far away?
but not far away here. They don't even have yarn shop here.
We had one in Makuyu, and there are at least 3 awesome ones back home...

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  1. good to hear from you..glad you are doing well and enjoying your trip, although missing home ...
    take care,