Nov 3, 2012

looking over surgeon's shoulder...and photos from portugal

today was surgery class - like every friday...and we had the opportunity to watch surgery - fracture of radius and ulna in a very young dog...complete with intramedullar pin and external fixation.
I hope he'll recover soon.

apart from that..nothing new...but I thought you could use some photos from my Portugal...

it's friday...rainy cold autumn night with not much to do. We'll have whole rainy week-end to study so I'm taking a break from school.

 these photos were taken few days ago - obviously - as it is just raining all the time now...
 our school dog - his name could be translated to english as "Fat" - which is pretty cruel! poor doggy! but he's so spoiled - all day outside just sitting around the GRIM office and letting people pat him and scratch his belly.
this is me writing a letter for my sis (with my free yurtcraft pen - more about it later)

 night - narrow streets of VR
 it's hard to spot treasures like this in the chaos of morning traffic on the way to school but when you really look around you, there's a lot of beautiful sights hidden among modern shops and offices...
 on our trip to learn how to make wine
 I'm pretty sure I want my door painted red when I grow up and get my own place...
 top of the world...2 hours walk from my place

 burnt bushes up in the hills
top of the world - next to wind turbines - VR in the background - that's right, I live down there ...

more photos coming soon, now I need to update my fanfiction story and clean my room, so if you'll excuse me...
good night

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