Sep 25, 2012

lost friend

The air scented by pines
And blackberry sweet
And salty tears

All was perfect.
But perfect did not stay
It faded away like morning mist
All that is left
Are wishes and dreams
And one last smile
Filled with all the hope I had
That it would last

Three years full of great
Years of smiles and trust
Little secrets
Memories shared
Hidden from the world
Careless laughs.
We had friend
In each other.

Three years it took
To build up my world
And now it is gone
It broke apart
In one little moment
I saw you running
-away from me
And those years,
As if they’ve never happened.

There is no going back
No second chance
And it scares me
To see all I have lived
Disappear at once
And to see you throw it away…

Sometimes I wonder
if  I was not worth
more than just one blink
if it was really that easy
for you to let  go.

I hope it was
Don’t want you to suffer
But then,
It hurts even more.


  1. I believe that you will be happy again ...

  2. i'm so sorry

    if i could've picked
    one heart to
    remain never broke
    it would have been yours

    if you
    could've remained
    free of betrayal
    i'd a given all i have

    we're past that now
    so all i can do
    is just feel sad
    with you

    and knit you a hug
    in the shape of a heart
    to wrap around yours
    my most sincere and warmest thoughts

    and to write you a sad poem
    with a corny line about knitting you a hug
    in the shape of a heart
    so your sad poem won't need to stand alone

    i just feel sad - and i'm with you :(

  3. Of course you are worth
    more than just one blink and if it is so easy for somebody to go and forget it all, then he is not worth any of you tears, not even the smallest one !!!!!

    You don´t want him to suffer and I don´t want day maybe he will understand what a fortune he could have, and he had in these 3 years but you should be miles away then, in your new perfect happy world you have a chance to build now...make it perfect sis, and don´t waste your tears no more for ones who don´t know what friendship you !