Sep 4, 2012

summer's over = the adventure starts now!

ok, I think you deserve an update. I know I've been terrible blogger lately, but I've been busy!

all exams are done! (yay!!!)
flight ticket bought (thanks Luftha*nsa for going on strike the very same week that I'm supposed to fly with you)
and suitcase packed (with extra room for  last-minute packing of forgotten things)

when: 6th september - but it depends on Luftha*nsa if they decide that week of strike was enough and let us fly
where: Portugal (North)
who: me and a friend from school
how long: 'till Christmas

good news is that the Erasmus scholarship I'll be getting should cover all expenses (we'll see)
 bad news - I'm still not sure we'll be able to fly there this Thursday, I'll let you know when we get there

...I went to visit grandma yesterday - Rony (her dog) is growing so fast!

... and sis is back home from Corsica...

nothing else is new - just....our room is a huge mess (from my sis unpacking and me packing) and it has to be cleaned before tomorrow :D but we still have few hours for that...

I hope you had nice start of the week and wish me luck with the flights :P
and I promise, next update will be more interesting (and hopefully from Portugal)


  1. oh iam so happy for you..YOu are going and staying a nice long while..Thats great..
    Have a wonderful time.....Hope you take pics, if you are able...
    take care Jarka

  2. i am so glad for you, that you have done all your exams and have a great time in portugal! :)