Aug 15, 2012

yarn along

Joining Ginny's yarn along again ...

this time there are no photos of my blanket - no, it's far from finished but I have one little project which I'd like to show you.
The pattern is called Hagrid's dishcloth - and originally it's supposed to be a rug - you know, because Hagrid  would probably have knitted dishcloths which would seem like rugs to us.
I fell in love with the idea and then realized I don't have needles big enough for the t-shirt yarn I wanted to use.
but there's a bag with left-over cotton in my stash, so... I've used smaller needles and cotton yarn to knit a couple of Hagrid's dishcloths in regular dishcloth size.
it's simple pattern and it really looks like something Hagrid would knit - don't you think?
I hope I'll get to take them to Portugal with me in september - still praying that I pass the exams.

reading notes from lectures on Pharmacology... nothing too exciting...

what are you reading and knitting/crocheting this week?


  1. I love this! Hagrid's dishcloth as a rug - very cool idea. And I think that it definitely looks like something Hagrid would knit. Although I think he may need to use something closer to tree branches in order to knit...

  2. Hagrid's dishcloth - how cool!
    I laughed when I saw Heather's comment as I was sat wondering how big Hagrid's needles would need to be.
    Good luck with your exams x

  3. Its very cute, especially as Hagrids rug!

  4. Jarka, the dishcloth is great! How smart of you to take a rug and turn it into something portable you can take with you on your travels to Portugal. Positive thinking about the exams, of course you'll pass!

  5. What a fun project. Fingers crossed you will pass your exams with flying colours! Jacinta

  6. Hagrid would knit a rug sized dishcloth!! love the colors you paired together :)

  7. Oh, that's lovely. Knitting, a great antidote/reward to lecture note reading. Good luck with the exams.

  8. its beautiful Jarka..praying you pass your tests...
    take care,

  9. Great project! I just helped my oldest daughter move to Ks and she sent me home with 7 hand knit dishcloths. I'm not sure I will be able to use them. I miss her so....