Aug 14, 2012

He really did...

I'll get to my dirty feet later, but first...

totally blurry photo (his is what happens when you don't take any photos of stars for more than a year and then without checking the settings just plop your camera on rolled-up mat, yes, that's right, no tripod, and use hairband to hold down the button for 10 minutes)
next time it'll be better.

But while I was waiting on the roof for daddy to come back and bring me my winter jacket, I prayed.
And sometimes when I don't know what to ask from Him, I just say "My Lord, you are big and full of grace" and it's enough to remind myself about all the incredibly beautiful things He has done today for me.
And so I stood there and asked if He could send me a falling star as a sign that all will be well.
I do that often - ask for silly things and I realized how stupid that was - asking for a star! so I was like 
No! No, no not a star! never-mind, just please give me enough patience to trust in Your plan and know all will be well.
And you know what He did? 
Sent me one of the biggest falling stars I have seen that night, right there, right on the spot where I was looking.

And it reminded me that we might not know what he's doing right now, why he's doing it, but later we will understand.

Jesus replied, "You don't understand now what I am doing, but someday you will."
John 13:7

and I remembered the night in Africa, when we were sitting outside and washing out feet before dinner.
Kids always help each other and then Jacqueline came to me and held out the laundry-soap they were all using and said she'll wash my feet. And I told her she doesn't have to do that. I should be washing their feet, geez, they were little kids, I should be taking care of them.

But she didn't let me to stop her and scrubbed my feet clean with hard brush and bar of laundry soap and I just sat there with my Dove moisturizing soap and soft washcloth next to me, in awe.
I thanked her and she smiled, and moved to the next kid to help.
I had no idea what happened that night, we went to dinner and prayed and went to bed at 9 p.m. exhausted.

Six months later on Easer, sitting in the church, watching priest wash feet of 12 men, they've read that verse and finally I realized what happened.

Jesus washed my feet. Literally.

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  1. I really find your whole story so inspiring (understatement huh?) - I know that there were some who felt you were not ready to go, you needed more skills or experience and I know there are some who argue that it's better that a person simply send the money (the travel expense, the meds, etc), but you proved them all so WRONG.

    You just went with biggest heart Gods given anyone and LOVED those like they were your own (which they are :). And I know you paid a price in this, I know you miss your kids so much. I think one day Jesus will introduce you to the these kids Mom and Dads - can you imagine that day? They will appreciate what you did as much or more then the kids :)