Aug 14, 2012

Hagrid's cake

this needs to be cut and served in big chunks, still hot inside, wrapped in parchment paper and eaten while walking in the park with paths full of dry yellow leaves, bundled in shawl. perfect autumn cake.

It might be still august but I'm already looking forward to fall.
Summer has lost it's charm since I've started University - because there was no summer since then.
That's why I like fall. You see, first few weeks are relatively stress-free because first important exam is in 4th or 5th week. After that, it's all just late-night studying.

I baked today. 
and it felt awesome to  do something creative and get a break from pathologic physiology.

I've replaced half of the ingredients but it turned out great. first loaf-shaped cake which isn't completely burned on the outside and gooey on the inside = success!

it seems to me like a cake Hagrid would bake, with generous portion of nuts, cranberries and dark chocolate, and of course wholewheat flour (lately, I've been obsessed with wholewheat flour when baking - I feel unreasonably happy when I add that light brown goodness to the batter instead of the regular white - and I really don't know why...)

original recipe here 

didn't have orange liqueur - used Rum
didn't have dates - used dried cranberries
didn't have brown sugar (strange) - used white
wholewheat flour
no orange zest - used lemon
no ground cloves - used ground ginger
I didn't freshly squeeze orange juice, used some OJ (with pulp) we had 
no pecans - just regular walnuts 

and some chocolate, because I felt like adding chocolate, don't jude me.


  1. cake looks delich...
    where are you from Jarka? i thought you were in the usa but i dont think so?

  2. I'm from Slovakia :) ...I should really add that to my profile info, people ask that all the time :)
    and yeah, the cake was pretty good, and it's already gone :D but I'm definitely going to make it again - maybe two loafs next time :)

    1. wow Slovakia....Never met anyone from that far..:-0)
      have a lovely day..

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  4. Jarka, They have the craziest gluten free flours...the one I used for my cookies was a premade mixture of garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, white sorghum flour, and fava bean flour- made especially for baking. I also have a bag of rice flour.I am a terrible cook- and a slightly better baker...but I am trying! Your cake looks hearty and like the perfect scarf on the first slightly cool day of the autumn season.

  5. So super yum! And did you know you can make brown sugar by blending white sugar and molasses?