Aug 10, 2012

I have new shoes...

I'm not the kind of girl who usually talks about shoes, or gets excited about shoes, or shops for shoes...actually I still have the same flip-flops I bought 9 years ago but THESE are special...

well, they are not exactly Greyson's shoes - they don't sell Native here ( I wish they would - hint, hint, we want you in Slovakia Native) but...when I saw them I had to get a pair - Greyson's shoes are famous, you know. (and one day I'll get the real ones!)
 I wanted a pair since the first photo I've seen of him wearing them... they didn't have any fancy colors...only pink and black left in my size - and if you know me, you know I don't wear they are!

and yes, Greyson's shoes are much cuter and have nicer colors but this is my first pair ever so don't take it away from me :)

today was busy day - first waiting in line for my new ID
then picking up results of my blood tests from Tuesday - I believe my levels of iron have reached the historical minimum 2,5 -yay!
So my doctor sent me to the specialist on hematology but they could only take me by the end of october -that's when I'll be in Portugal (hopefully) so... we'll find out why my iron's so low later...for now I have iron pills...yum

I would have bought some new yarn - I always do, when I'm in the city but...I'm on a yarn-diet...
and I'm going to knit THIS!  because I'm newly in love with Stephen West so I'll use some yarn from stash which means it'll probably be striped.
 /photo by westknits on flickr/
aaanyway... that's what's new here... and that reminds me - did you get your free Life With Greyson stickers? - if you didn't then GO here and get some! and then tell the world do read the blog of mom raising her son with super powers.

OFF TOPIC QUESTION: if you're on nut-free diet does it mean you can't eat coconut?


  1. cool shoes..Never seen or heard of these shoes before...
    Hope your iron goes up to normal..
    where in Portugal are you going?

    1. thanks for stopping by and commenting! - I love comments :)
      I'll be going to Vila Real (north of Portugal) - but I still need to pass the exams so it's not 100% yet...

    2. good luck Jarka, will pray for you...

  2. Jarka!!! You are my friend! Your shoes look GREAT! What size do you wear? I love you for reading my old posts. You are such a sweet, gentle soul...wise beyond your are doing great things with your time on Earth! Even though you aren't my sister- I am proud of you as if you were!
    This post is very special to me. I am going to show it to Greyson and tell him about it when he wakes up from his nap. I talk to him and pretend like he understands...but sometimes I actually think he does...

    1. Hiii! thanks for commenting! I LOVE comments :)
      well I have tiny feet - 36 which is the smallest "women" size they usually have here and they are always sold out...the shoes I bought are actually 37 and a little bit too big but I love them anyways :D - I even told my dad they were Greyson's shoes and he asked me - Greyson's? but then he remembered and said - oh, yes, the boy from the blog :D - it's nice to know that people listen to me when I talk about blogs I follow :)

      say hi to Grey and Parker - from me :)
      and I hope you're having an awesome week-end :)