Jul 4, 2012

yarn along

I've been using up my left overs and yarn from the stash for my new Rasta-triangle-blanket
I'm crocheting triangles from thinner yarn and knitting triangles from thicker yarn - it's great way to use all those different left-overs I have...
millions of triangles are waiting to be crocheted or knitted, but I have to study for the exams so it's taking forever to finish even one or two = hence, the lack of interesting books I could share with you...

once I finish all the triangles, I'll assemble them with light grey yarn and it will look something like this:

the dots mark triangles already done and the thick black line is outline of the smaller version of the blanket - I might stop at that, depends on how much yarn I'll have left :)


  1. What a fantastic blanket. It seems to be a great way to use up bobs and bits as well as stash yarn.

  2. Hi Jarka...I just found your blog over on Ginny's yarn along.

    I love the profile photo and your description of your dirty feet...how cool!

    Good start to your rasta shawl I look forward to seeing you get on.

    Bye for now,

  3. what a great way of using those odds and ends--your "plan" looks gorgeous!!! love the combo knit/crochet---can't get boring!!! (Love your header picture!!!! we're scheduled to go to Kenya next summer to help install some water purification systems.)

  4. Lovely colours. Sure will be a beautiful blanket with the combination of knit and crochet.
    Enjoy the yarn intervals.

  5. That project is genius! I am inspired!

  6. Wow, this will be a stunner, and a wonderful use for scrap yarn.

  7. Wow, that will surely be a huge undertaking and a stunning blanket.