Jun 30, 2012

before every exam, I pray and promise God that this one is really really the last one , that I'll study more and be 100% ready for the next one and this is the last miracle I need from Him - we both know it's not true, and I'll be praying for another miracle soon, when the next test comes. But I keep giving Him promises which I can't keep and He keeps giving me more miracles...

but I realized that's not what God wants from me - He doesn't want me to be 100% ready for the exam and feel like I can do it myself, because the truth is I NEED His GRACE in everything I do. Every single thing we accomplish, every day we live is huge miracle sent from God. So I'll keep praying before exams because there's no test in life, I could pass without Him by my side.

/and this is little Molly, who stayed with us for one night before going to her new home totally unrelated to this post but I wanted to share the cuteness/

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