Jan 25, 2012

yarn along - left over yarn

officially no more left over yarn (at least not here at school) ..I still have the double-knitted scarf on the needles, but apart from the blue and gray yarn, everything else's gone - and I have a couple more squares for my crazy blanket :)

can you believe it will be a year soon since I've started knitting and crocheting again!
still reading microbiology - for the exam (it's a hard one so if you could say a little prayer for me I'd really appreciate it)
thanks for visiting my blog :) now go over to Ginny's post to see all the beautiful creations from other knitters and crocheters :)


  1. Hooray for using up leftovers! The squares are very pretty.
    Of course I will say a prayer for you! Microbiology makes me shudder just saying it!

  2. No more leftovers? Wow, that is an achievement!

  3. I like your squares. A great way to use leftovers. Good luck with your microbiology!

  4. Awesome squares! Sending prayers and lots of luck your way!

  5. Pretty colors for your squares! And I like the colors you chose for your Paulie cardigan. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours!