Jan 20, 2012



using some left over yarn to crochet more squares for my crazy blanket... it's awesome stash-burner - I'm running out of yarn!

we finally have some snow! wow I've been waiting all winter, and now I have to stay inside and study, but at least it's nice out there when I look through the window

Dan sent me link to this song and I've been listening to it non-stop ...lovin'it !

love my growing collection of colorful spoons, and love to see little bits and pieces of Africa all around my room - see the stoney Tangawizi bottle? it's from my first trip to Kenya :) ...and I kind of love all the dried apples and oranges I have all around the room :)

and my newly found love Green smoothies! yumm!

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  1. Mmm - that green smoothie looks so good!! I am making an 'ugly' blanket with my let over yarn!