Jan 26, 2012

things I'm lovin' this week...


still totally in love with my Africa and missing my kids terribly every day and I love writing and dreaming and remembering the days I've spent there (even though anonymous thinks it was selfish and bad thing that I went)

love Raphael - didn't listen to his songs for a long time but I remembered one today and I'm in love again...

love designing blankets (I'd love to knit this one - mitred squares - love all the possibilities)
still studying for Microbiology exam (and I would love it if it wasn't for the exam :P )
love the new set of stickers I made for myself - to decorate envelopes when I send my weekly newsletter to sis...

love getting mail! postcard and stickers from sis :) love you SIS!!!

wearing my legwarmers which went to me all the way to my africa and kept my legs warm during long rainy days...

loving pinterest funnies !!!

and loving that I found a little bit of time to update my fanfiction story again... I've missed writing.
:) what are you lovin'?

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