Jan 1, 2012

not because it's new year..

...but because it's new me.

let's make a to-do-list for next 365 days, shall we?

- Love God more
-be happy
- be more patient and understand others
-be more creative
-start writing my journal again,
-make new friends
-be more spontaneous and care less what other people think about me
-learn to love myself
-find a way to see my kids again
-no sweets, more water
-run faster and longer every day
-more snail-mail
-get a promise ring and wear it
-get off the facebook for real
-pray more
pray for the one
-grow long hair again
-smile more, cry less
-stop biting my nails
-stress less about school
-be thankful
-no more buying new clothes
-learn to play guitar
-knit,crochet,sew,write poetry,
-wear sweats on Friday nights,
-keep promises



  1. I really love this. Really a lot.

  2. like it :) ...but something is missing, maybe u know it ;)