Nov 28, 2011

random monday rambling

it's dull, cold monday and as I look through the pile of books, dirty mugs and a cup of honey which are resting on my window sill, I see mist, lazily hanging over the grass.

I've stolen 20 minutes from my studying and worked a little bit on Christmas presents. - yey! handmade gifts... bits of yarn are all I can show you so far...

and I saw my vintage towel hanging on my chair and thought I'll share it with you - love vintage!
roses, school time-table and a photo from my first Africa...I know you love seeing pieces of my room, that's why I share them with you :D
all the postcards my sis sends me - love them!

..and now I should probably stop listening to Julia Nunes and start studying...
I hope you have nice cold monday too and I promise to write something which would actually make sense soon ...
live long and prosper.... :D

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