Dec 1, 2011

Dearest grandpa,

I know you've been taking care of all my dog friends in heaven.
I remember asking you the last time... few years ago...
I know God cares for all His creatures - great and small, but I feel better knowing you'll keep an eye on them too.

The dog I'm sending you now is still a puppy. You'll have your hands full. He might be scared, so talk to him, he understands more than you think.
I love him too much, and I hate seeing him go, but please, please show him around and let him sleep close to you - (he loves to snuggle) - until I get there.
He loves kids and I know he'll make a great friend for all the little angels who are there with you. He loves to have his belly scratched and he'll probably need new collar because he's been outgrowing the old one.
Please hug and kiss him as often as you can and tell him how much I miss him every day, but don't let him see me cry.I will cry. I will cry a lot and it would just upset him so please, when you'll see a tear rolling down my cheek throw him a ball or kiss his nose to distract him. Keep him happy and safe, until I get there.

I love you Grandpa, thanks for looking after my puppies ...see you one day...

{Beny - autumn 2010}

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