Nov 26, 2011

carrot-apple salad

I remember eating this long time ago when I was a kid. And right now I'm on a big carrot-apple salad kick again.
I eat a lot of this sweet yummy stuff.
It's great for snacking, and when you feel like you need to eat something sweet this will do it for you.

I used 3 big carrots and 2 apples and a teaspoon of dark forest honey (because the apples were pretty bitter). I'd add some lemon juice if I had it, but it's not necessary.

/the trick is to have it ready in your fridge for the "I have to get a chocolate now!" crisis, so make a lot and just keep it in a tupperware container/

do you like it? do you put some secret ingredients in yours? do you remember eating this when you were a child?


  1. of course i remember and not only as a child, but i demand to have some when i'm ill (poor mommy).. i don't know if we had any secret ingredients but we also love to have apple with curd .. oh, and we sometimes eat some biscuits with it (piškóty :D)

  2. sounds great - never had it we lack the dark forests to make the honey :(

  3. Never had this, but yum, looks and sounds so good!