Oct 15, 2011

If Jim knew what I've been up to, he'd be terribly jealous...

that's why I left him at home (he doesn't like rainy days anyway) and we hopped over to the local shelter for the first time ever.

I thought I'll cry when I get there, but it wasn't that bad. they have pretty big compound with space for dogs in the middle where they could run /of course not all together, they had to take turns/
we came in and they gave us "big dogs" because we were big kids.

this is Suri and me, she was very calm and well behaved, didn't pull the leash and didn't jump on me (well, she did, once, when we were playing together, but after I told her not to do it, she understood.

don't get me wrong, I don't mind dogs jumping on me, but for the sake of her future family, I wanted to teach her some manners. She's a very easy-going doggie, and I fell in love with her instantly.

this little guy is still waiting for his family, after several unsuccessful placements, he's back in the shelter waiting for the right one who would understand him.

good thing they have huge field close to the shelter where we could walk the dogs.

It was cold and rainy today but I didn't mind. I'll just have to knit myself some hat for the next time.

this handsome follow is Max. so cute that I didn't mind his constant need to run everywhere and pee on everyone ( now that I'm thinking about it, he was just making sure everyone else would know which human was his - by peeing on Prince's leg and then my bag - which Prince carried for me when he kneeled down to take a photo of me with Suri)

This is Brit, the most hyperactive dog, always in a hurry, but oh so awesome boy. He'd need some practice with walking with the leash but apart from that he did amazingly well, I can't wait to see him again soon.

Such a fun guy to be around.

it was cold, but beautiful...

I got a little teary only once, when they took Suri back to her dog-house. I hated to see her go, and the worst part was that she didn't want to go - as soon as we approached the shelter she slowed down and sat on the ground.

Nothing would make her move,not even the biscuit I wanted to share with her. but the big truck swishing behind our backs on the road, scared her - a lot - and she went, I had to pull her. and I promised to find her a family, and that everything will be well again.
Why do I keep making such stupidly hard-to-keep promises?

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  1. I would have such a hard time not bringing someone home. I love going to our local shelter and spending time with the animals, but feel so guilty when I can't bring someone home.