Oct 16, 2011

I fell out of love

it feels like I fell out of love.

It didn't happen today, I guess it took me two years...slowly falling for him more and more every day, until it was too much to take and something switched inside of me and ...

I do not love him anymore. - see I said it and it feels like it's true.

I feel sad, and empty and confused but mostly sad.

It was beautiful to love. It felt like I had a purpose in my life, I had someone to live for.
It didn't matter that he didn't love me too. I learned to live with that. Loving but not being loved... now it's different.

I don't feel like something changed since yesterday, no, like I said it took two years, and it'll take another decade to get completely over him, but I'll try.

I loved being in LOVE, I'll miss that feeling too much... it was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. Do not fear love, always let it take over you if you get a chance.

/I think we all know I still love, kind of... but I'm too tired to go on like this, so for my own sake, let's say I fell out of love./

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