Oct 12, 2011

so I've been told...

I've been told it's stupid that I keep my blog and make myself seem "cooler" than I really am.
apparently my life looks better in blog that in reality.
odd- because often when I'm typing a post I keep reminding myself to just keep it real babe

yes, it rains here. It rains a lot and it's freakin' cold - Pardon my French, but it's how it is.
and we have lots of boring, dull autumn days with nothing but tons of genetics and pharmacology going on and on. And yes, it's true, I don't usually bother you with this kind of fun facts about my life.

because I don't think it's important for you to know when my lab-coat needs a patch for the sleeve or if I go to the grocery store today or tomorrow...

I do write about my knitting and it is true lots of your posts inspired me to knit more, but I did knit before we've met. I do read blogs and get lots of awesome ideas from your pages (for which I'm greatly thankful btw) but I do dream up my own projects (hence - I rarely knit/crochet/sew according to original pattern)
here is a bunch of vintage fabrics I got from my grandma - brand new, sitting in her wardrobe waiting for their own purpose in life :)
I feel like sewing some camera-strap slip cover or maybe a cute little zipper pouch or something creative for my next giveaway :)

aren't they awesome?

but yes, life isn't bright and creative all the time - it's mostly grey and filled with school lessons, lectures and stuff.
just stuff in general...
BUT sometimes, just sometimes a little bits of sun get through the layer of clouds... simple things like finding a postcard in your mailbox.
don't you love snail-mail?

but back to the topic, I should be telling you how my life isn't as cool as it seems here on the blog... but actually it's much better. Of course it all depends on the point of view, if you look really close, you can find beauty in everything, even in the unpainted blank patches of the life...

...I'll try to keep it more real for you...maybe... so that's it...

/all photos but the fabric one are from my dorm room/


  1. I hate to say it but the person who told you that is wrong, completely wrong. The important things are in the minutes, the dreams, the projects, the plans, the pretty thing you thought or saw. They are life. It is not that you are cool (thought you are) but that everyone is. I know I get more done thinking about what to have something to show everyone. I know I get more ideas from reading others. I really do not see the difference from Ginny's Yarn Along and all of us getting together at a cafe except well we can do the yarn along whenever during the day we can fit it in and more people can join in from many different places.

  2. cooler then you really are??? :D

    yep you need to tone it down a little - like some kids will talk about getting drunk, going to rock concerts and meeting the band after the show, about some new dance club they got in or the latest designer dress they got... but you talk about knitting, baking, dissecting goats, baby wearing, orphans, adoption and of walking barefoot in africa (you know all the REALLY cool stuff).

    the really cool thing about you is your heart - you have a really cool heart, and it shows in your blogs and it shows in your life, and in the choices you make.

    i'm sorry but your life isn't really that cool - it's awesome and beautiful but not cool... well except for the snowboarding - that's pretty cool :)

  3. I have no idea who made that comment, but geesh, how rude! I love everything you are willing to share with your readers. You are such a neat person to know (right down to your shopping schedule and your worn lab coat).

    I love to come here and see what you are doing. You are amazingly talented and I love to see what you are creating.