Aug 20, 2011


august 18th 2011 RYSY (In High Tatras)
our morning train from Poprad to Štrbské pleso
are we there yet? -nope, not even close...

first stop "Popradské pleso" (lake)

we had to cross the water many times on the way up
waterfalls and rocks
"frog lakes"

there were rocks with chains to help us climb up
there were brave people who carried food and drinking water up to the chalet - now I know why everything's so expensive there.

almost there...

flags near the chalet
snack - one hour from the top
some people had their wedding pictures taken up there - bride wearing red climbing shoes was a nice touch.

rocks everywhere

state border Slovakia/Poland
all the people climbing to the top - it was insane...
me, 2499.6 meters above sea level (1.553 miles)
our feet and great view - you can see how high we were

on the way down - luckily nothing bad happened - the helicopter was just bringing building material up there, for the chalet

can you see the zig-zag path in the middle?

lots of people everywhere - especially on the "chains part"

and perfect sunset at the end of perfect day

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