Aug 21, 2011

knitting charts

this charts weren't tested yet, but I'm planning to knit a mug-cosy or can-cosy using these two designs soon. if you use them for something please let me know.
Feel free to download the pictures and use them for your own knitting projects - please don't sell any objects made with these charts, without asking me first. Thank you.

Stoney Tangawizy is a kind of strong ginger soda from Africa - I used to drink it in Kenya and since then I've been in love.
For me, Africa smells like mixture of laundry soap and smoke and tastes like Stoney Tangawizy

Tusker is beer brand in Kenya (maybe also somewhere else?) and those volunteers who liked beer said it's pretty good :D - I just love the elephant :) - for this chart you'll have to add "tusker tusker" later with sewing needle and yarn, it would have been too difficult to add such small letters to the chart.


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  1. I'm coming from Ginny's Yarn Along. It's been AGES since I heard of Stoney Tangawizy. When I was in Uganda, the others on the mission team really enjoyed it. I just had a sip, but didn't like it, but then I don't like pop.