Aug 19, 2011

I think about too many things at the same time

I went to High Tatras again (yesterday)...and it was awesome and I loved every second of it, but gosh I was so tired.
it was beautiful, sun was shining, people were everywhere - it was insane, but I loved it..wait, I've already said that didn't I?
well, I did LOVE it...

/it deserves a post on it's own = much more photos coming soon/

blog world is so small.. it feels like every blogger I'm following /reading their blog knows some of my other favorite blogs. like we all have the same group of friends. little hints here and there, which an outsider might not see but I recognize them.
it's amazing.

And we all seem to read similar things. Get inspiration from same places etc.

like recently one of my favorite bloggers mentioned Smitten kitchen - and how you can't go wrong when making one of Deb's recipes. And I absolutely agree. And it reminded me that I didn't check what's new there, for a very long time.

and I looked for some soup recipe, because you know, I felt like making some soup. I didn't cook any soup for a long time - heck, I'm not sure I ever cooked a proper soup.

and I found this recipe for winter squash soup
and I followed the recipe. Why, thank you for the applause, but don't get too excited. I changed a couple things.

for instance we didn't have enough squash (or maybe we did, I'm not sure, didn't weight it) so I've added 1/4 of big red pepper (diced) ...and we didn't have sage, so I skipped that.


off topic

Sage is a beautiful name for a baby don't you think? I've recently started to follow one blogger who has three (soon to be four) kids and they have the most beautiful names I've ever heard (True, Brave and Soul) ... here's her blog :)


... well, I made that squash soup for lunch today.

and I had it for dinner tonight - although not in such a stylish way (tonight I heated it in small pod and ate it straight from it, in the kitchen, it was already dark and I had a cup of raw milk with it. it was pretty good)

and I've finished my first legwarmer (it still needs to be blocked)- second one is already on the needles...
and I have too many things to think about, and it's late and I should go to bed...
sweet dreams world...

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