Aug 4, 2011

GET A CHANCE TO DECIDE and save a life

today, everybody wants to now all the options. We want to be able to DECIDE.

wouldn't you want to know if there was the option for you and only you to save someone's life?

I had to go to my hematologist for a check-up, nothing scary, just some tests, and they have Hematology and Oncology in the same part of the hospital and every time I go for a check up I feel so very thankful that it's "only hematology" for me.

{knitted monkey (pattern will be posted soon) - random photo to keep your attention }

Now I go to see a doctor for grown-ups because I'm no longer a kid ( Dan,you can tell that to Nick - I'm no longer a kid!!!)
but I used to go to kids' doctor and they had a nice sea-fish aquarium and a lot of little patients in the waiting room.
It always scared me to see all the little kiddos there, and I prayed they were there "only for hematology check-up"

and while answered Prayer is all they need, I felt I had to do more. That's when I cut my hair and donated it for the first time.
But hair won't save your life.
and so I Googled and Googled and found out what it means to become a Bone Marrow Donor.

many people don't know what it really means, many people don't know there's this option.
many people just imagine big needle stuck into your bone, and all the pain which goes with it.

but it doesn't work like that.


-first step is looking on the internet/calling (e-mailing) your local hospital/doctor and asking where is the closest hematology/oncology

-you can find it all online

-then you get an appointment with the doctor

-then they take a small sample of your blood

-then you sign some papers - giving them permission to test your blood and put your information into the BMD registry

-then you go home and wait. And wait. For days, months, years, forever.

in order to become B.M. Donor your HLA (proteins on the surface of your blood cells) needs to be 10 out of 10 points identical with the HLA of the person who needs B.M. transplantation.

IF that by some miracle happens they will contact you.
Then you come in there and they do some more tests.
IF they are 100% sure you're the right match and you're 100% healthy then you have the opportunity to decide.

you can go home, you can take as much time as you want. Talk to your family, friends, facebook friends, you can ask questions and read about B.M.donation.

then you can make the decision.

wouldn't it be nice to know all your options?

it would be your choice

I became registered Bone Marrow Donor two years ago and still didn't hear from anyone.

I'm glad that if there is a person in this world who has identical HLA with me, he/she is healthy and doesn't need B.M. transplantation. So thankful for that. But on the other hand, if someone has to become ill, then I wish it was someone with my HLA so I could help.

there are many people who will never find their match, many patients are waiting.

please consider becoming a donor. it doesn't hurt and it's free.

thank you.

a little note for the end:

when I went there to get myself registered as BMD the doctor first thought I was one of the patients and asked if my ordinary doctor sent me there.
I said I came on my own.
It took her a while to realize I was new donor - not a patient.

She was happy. I've never seen someone change their mood that fast - from sad/serious to happy. It was priceless.

and if you decide you don't want to donate your bone marrow, no one will judge you, no one will ever say anything bad. They don't inform the patient about finding the match unless you decide to DO IT. So you're not under pressure, you won't disappoint anyone if you for some reason decide you don't want to. It's your body, you have the right to make decisions about it.


  1. Done and done :) I did years ago when my now hubby (but then bf) had cancer. Still haven't received a call, or notification, so I hope this means if there is someone out there that is a match to me they, too, are also healthy.

  2. hmmm... not a kid???

    i luv this pic - kiddo! :)

  3. also - this is a really great post - i'm going to look into when i'm back from vacation - really great post - great argument, great idea - i'm curious to see if they will allow it since i have been to africa. i can't give blood now :(

  4. Whoa this is so weird. I had a dream about becoming a BM donor last night!