May 12, 2011

thoughts on being a mommy + why I read blogs

people often ask why I read blogs.
because I like to practice my English - I say, and it's just a poor excuse.
I like reading and learning. and I learned so much.

I see moms and dads on the playground close to our place.
I tell myself - I will do that when I have my kids, and I won't do that,
and I will let my kids to climb up the slide
and I won't just sit on the bench listening to my mp3 player reading a magazine,
I will play - just like I played with kids in Ireland,
I will listen and answer their questions,
I won't let them yell at me "mommy!" for two minutes before turning off my ipod and asking what!?
when my kid falls the first thing I'll tell her won't be "be more careful, those clothes were expensive"
I will teach my kids sign language, so they can be friends with the lonely boy on the swing, I ...

and I know I will do the exact opposite sometimes. that's how much I learned :) can plan and dream and set rules but at the end it will all work out differently.
I hope I'll be able to follow all my dreamed-up rules, but sometimes you just have to keep it real babe.

I won't let my kids watch TV - I probably will, to earn a little bit of "free time" for myself - to finally finish cleaning the kitchen.
won't tell them to stop lying on the grass because they could get dirty - I probably will, because it sucks sometimes to finish doing two weeks worth of laundry and see the fresh clean t-shirt you just put on your little one get green stains all over it. No matter how nice the clouds might be that day - sometimes, when I am tired there is absolutely no excuse to ruin the clean piece of clothing just to look at them and see the castles in the sky.


that's why I read blogs - to make sure you can be awesome even if you're not perfect, and that not all of your plans have to work out, because you'll learn there are more important things on the world than sticking to the rules :)
-like maybe, keeping your sanity... :)

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  1. Loved this post Jarka, you will be an awesome mommy :). And you were an adorable little btw ;).