May 10, 2011

nom nom nom

tomato-chick peas-provensal salt - couscous

(I should probably find it some better name...hmmm...eeek - too late - all gone)


Christine asked for the recipe :) so here it is - not much to share but...

-I cooked the chick-pease separately
(pre-soaked overnight) and then I let it cook with a little bit of salt until it was...well, ready) , but you could use canned chickpeas (I prefer dried because it's cheaper here and it's taste is much better I think)
-in bigger pan boil some water with salt and add cous-cous and turn off the stove (let it absorb all the water - in general - 100ml water = 100g cous-cous) then add 1 tbsp oil and chopped tomato, then heat it again - no need to overcook the tomatoes, I just don't like them crunchy in cooked meals, and add "herbs de provence" and cooked chickpeas...mix together and let it cook for a little while.
ta-da :) - took me about 15 minutes but it's delicious and simple :)

/I have no idea how much chick-peas I used - just finished the pack we had here...but I'm a big chick-peas lover so the more the merrier :D /

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  1. Sounds delicious Jarka! Do share the recipe!