May 14, 2011

living big

living big doesn't mean you have to leave everything behind and go,
(but maybe you should - it would change a lot and it would take lots of courage but at the end you'd be happy you did it)

it doesn't mean you have to eat ice-cream with big spoon although it would be preferable
(believe me ice-cream wasn't invented to be savored with style and your pinky stuck high in the air - big spoons and sticky cream covered cheeks are the best thing about ice-cream)

living big is enjoying every moment of your life,
living big means feeling blue but still be thankful for waking up today
living big means praising Lord with every step you make.
living big means finding beauty in all the things which seem to be wrecked all the things which didn't go according to our foolish plans

we walk and I take pictures - that's how it goes around here.
we walk and someone just have to ruin every photo with his blurry hand flying in front of my camera in just the right moment

we stop, I shake my head at that someone and finally take the picture I wanted to take

I come home, upload photos to my laptop and look at them
and for all the squirrels of the world's sake I can not help myself but love the "hand" photo the most

sure it it blurry
sure you can't really see the beautiful building
sure sure...
-but it's the only photo of the day which captures the moment - how we walk across the square and how silly he is and all those little quirks he does - like puting his hand in front of my camera or stealing my bracelet just for a while.

I could save this photo and remember sunny day in town, with nice houses and busy people

I could save this photo and look at the amazing details and dream about old times when all houses were like this...
but I won't.
I will treasure this one,

because it says a story
because it's not perfect
because this one, I want to remember

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