May 26, 2011

things I'm loving...

I've been feeling pretty sad lately - blue, blue blue.
Even though blue is my favorite color, I don't like it in my heart ...
and then I went to this blog
and saw this:
and there are many many (I have to stop repeating words) things I'm lovin' right now and I don't feel that blue it's more like a turquoise - that's better right?
anyway, things I'm lovin'

certain tree-huggers (who share apples with me)

random photos I find on my memory card after I let other people use my camera

my bag (basket) from Africa

and my (not so) new haircut which looks like this in the morning and which I keep the same way all day

(yes that's a popsicle for breakfast - get over it! I'd make popcorn but we don't have a microwave)
lovin' the fact that you can hang out
in the same ol'wife-beater all day just because it's summer
and of course mommy, daddy, sis and all the family, and friends and people and my kids and trains, I love trains!
lovin'my old journal from Africa
over which I cried a lot today
missing all the precious moments of morning cold and always present hunger
missing my kids, but being grateful
I had the opportunity to meet them

lovin' the red dust stuck on the pages
lovin' every tear that run down my cheek, because they reminded me how lucky I am and
how much loved I am.


  1. Nothing wrong with popsicles or popcorn for breakfast! We have popcorn for dinner sometimes.

  2. Once again - your hair totally rocks! Love that you have taken the time to find some things to be loving... hope your weekend is super sunny yellow. xoxo

  3. i love finding photos taken by my kids on my camera , all the interesting angles.