May 25, 2011

yarn-along Ginny Weasley's vest

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?~ Ginny

I finally found some time for knitting. And I can tell you it feels good. It was a quick project . it took only two days and I love it.
I named it Ginny Weasley's vest because I think it looks like something Molly would knit for her youngest.
like always - I didn't follow any pattern. I just made it up as I knitted.
started at the back (which is all orange with a little white on top and little purple at the bottom)
and I continued by knitting the two sides of the front at the same time)
at the end I added white edges (knitted at the bottom and crocheted at the rest of the vest)
and two turquoise buttons I had at home :)

I used needles too big for the yarn, so it is summer vest, it's 100% cotton and unique because I have absolutely no idea what I did (sorry, no pattern to share, but if you want a vest like this, just knit!)

- 1 skein (50grams) of orange yarn
-1 skein (50 grams) of rainbow yarn
-lil' bit of white cotton for the edges and the top

and here is a little GIVEAWAY! :)

I will be giving away this camera-strap slip cover

before you get too excited I have to tell you it's nothing professional - I'm not a sewing expert and I can hardly keep a straight line, but:

it features Amy Butler fabrics - Love collection
it was made with LOVE
it has little pocket (to keep spare memory cards etc. - it will NOT hold your lens-cover because it's too narrow)

it is 62cm (24.4 inches) long and 5 cm (2 inches) wide
(it fits my CANON camera strap, but if the winner needs wider/longer strap cover - I could make one more (with slightly different fabrics - but still LOVE by Amy Butler - and blue/green)
it has a little crocheted PEACE sign on one end
front is green with red-pink roses and violet flowers
back is dark blue with flower pattern

it is cotton and perfect for summer
made in smoke free and pet-free environment
the giveaway ends next Wednesday (1st June) and I will pick one random winner
( I will ship worldwide - so anyone can enter)


-leave ONE comment (one per reader)

-please consider donation for this lovely family bringing their two sons home!
(if you decide to donate, let me know - in ANOTHER comment =ANOTHER chance to win! ...I just wanted to share their story with you because I pray for the boys to be home soon with their forever family and we can all help :) - will you pray with me?)

like I said - it's not a professionally made strap-cover, but I tried my best and I hope you'll like it :)
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  1. hi, thank you for commenting on my blog post!
    i love the camera strap! i've been waiting to find a nice strap for my canon camera.
    you said you like the wool colour of my 'tree sweater' - the wool is Cascade Eco+ and the wool colour is Highland Green.
    good luck, caitlin@pheasantknits

  2. Love the top you knitted and the fact that you didn't use a pattern...that's the way I like to knit.
    PS-Hope your exams last week went well. Are you done with school now?

  3. I love that you have made the pattern up as you have gone along. It's very cute and just right for summer weather. Love the buttons too. The fabric on the camera strap is very cute indeed. Jacinta

  4. You are so cute!!! Love your knitting. My little girl's favourite colour is 'rainbow' and you have given me an idea to create something for her. Love the strap too, very sweet. Katie x

  5. What a great vest! I love the fun colors you used in it. Do you often make up your own patterns?

    I also love the camera strap -- you're definitely one creative chica!

  6. The Vest is GREAT! I love the colours. Don't include me in the camera strap giveaway, please, I don't have anything but my iPhone right now! Thanks though!

  7. The vest is beyond fantastic! You are very creative with colors, I like it :D

  8. Don't enter me for the giveaway. I just wanted to tell you how much I like that vest! It is adorable. I could definitely see Molly knitting that, too!

  9. Fantastic vest! I love that you can just come up with these things...I'd be sweating buckets. The colours are wonderful, too.
    I love the camera strap! Thanks for sharing such a sweet giveaway!

  10. Great job on the vest! Love the colors! The camera strap is awesome!

  11. I love that you just started knitting and came out with a vest- I'm a bit jealous of that skill! I'm trying to be braver and try though...

    Thank you for your comment on my post!

  12. That vest is awesome! I'm looking for knitting projects that would work in summer... next time you should write it up! :0)

  13. What a fun vest! I couldn't even begin to think of how to start something from scratch like that. kudos!

    (and kids books are great!)

  14. That vest looks fun! I love it! And that camera strap is adorable as well. Quite the creative post! xo

  15. Hehe, I totally agree about reluctance to start a project with beautiful yarn! I have a huge Ikea cube bookshelf in my living room and two of the shelves are stuffed with yarn so that I can look at all the pretty. :)

    I love how colorful the vest is! So much fun. I've never tried knitting something without a pattern before ... I always love to look at what others do, though. :)

  16. I love that vest! And I can never resist a giveaway... thanks!

  17. i love the vest! and i'm so glad i decided to catch up on blog reading today so that i can enter your supersweet giveaway!

  18. The vest is awesome!! Can't believe you just whipped it up! Oh how I wish I could do that! And the strap rocks, would love to win!!

  19. I love the vest. I might have to try that after I get a few more things off the needles.