May 27, 2011

do you remember?

you remember this kid - right?
kid who let her friend cut off 10 inches of hair, kid who had big dreams, kid who decided to go and went, not knowing how much will change, not realizing she will leave the child-herself back there, forgotten.

{me ~ night before the flight ~ with M.I.A and Evan}

yes, I still stay up until midnight reading Harry Potter and eating popsicles for dinner (and breakfast) if grown-ups leave me home alone, I still wear non-matching socks sometimes and do lots of other silly things, but I'm not longer the kid from the picture.

I no longer remember the kid.
which is odd - because I remember being small and sitting outside and daddy picking wild flowers and bringing them to me. I remember I was worried about not having enough flowers, and as he kept bringing me more and more and there I was in heaven because I fully relied on Dad and I knew he will always find more flowers for me.
I was four, maybe five back then. I remember the flowers were purple and yellow.

and yet, I can't remember the kid from two years ago, the kid who didn't worry about her 24 kids every day, the kid who didn't cry every time she smelled smoke - because back then, smoke didn't remind her about Grace and her tiny kitchen with big black pots full of githeri.

I don't remember the kid with many dreams. I don't remember the dreams. I only know there were many of them.
Now I only dream about one thing, almost every night. And I can tell you I hate waking from that dream.

do you remember the kid with many dreams? I hope you do, because I can't.

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