Dec 8, 2010

yarn along big come back :)

my first crocheting project ever - Rasta hat and Charlie and the chocolate factory in Frenchgo over here to see all the yarn-along posts :) they're all great and so inspiring...

I've started the hat on Sunday and it's been actually finished sunday night/early monday morning...but it's been a little bit small - leaving a line across my forehead every time I put it on :D ...I guess that's what happens if you don't follow any pattern...
well, I've started with one, for the first 3 lines (during which I've learned how to crochet :D - thanks to youtube) ...but then, I switched to common sense and have been using it ever since.

it didn't work out well :D because suddenly I decided, it's not going to be a barrette (which was the original plan A) and I'm just going to make a hat - simple winter hat...

pretty wearable I'd say, but too I pulled on the string...and ta-da undid half of it...
now we're officially back to original pattern (which I've lost meanwhile ) and so with some luck it should be a barrette soon...we'll see...


  1. What an ambitious first project! It looks great. Are you addicted yet? I both crochet and knit, but have been knitting lately.

    My link is:

  2. I love the colors! We are such Roald Dahl fans around here, how fun to see the book in another language!

  3. Fantastic hat! And I just love the colors :) Crocheting is so much fun. I actually put my knitting down this week so that I could do a little crocheting as well :) Have a lovely day!

  4. wow, great colors, I'm impressed!

  5. OH my goodness, I definitely need to read my French books to brush up. It has been forever. Good looking hat!!