Dec 7, 2010

perfect morning

today I got up - for school in the morning and it was still dark outside.

there's nothing more pleasant than...
waking up into cool winter morning,
grab some crackers and a cup of cold tea from yesterday
stumble to the bathroom, just guessing the shadows of all the winter boots spread unevenly across our corridor (seriously, I need to show you a picture of this mess sometime)
put on the first clothes which cross your way
take rubber-band out of your hair and just shrug your shoulders over the state of it and let it be - bed-head it is...
and wade through icy cold slush in your sneakers (because for some unexplained reason you believed the ground will be frozen AND solid)
...and all of this while your roommates happily turn around in their comfy warm beds and dream their dreams.

and why did I do this? - no, don't even ask...


I've got some pretty nice pictures of my current crocheting project - my newly gained ability :) but I'm saving those for tomorrow's yarn along so I guess you'll just have to wait and come back in one day or just learn to live without seeing them.

there are only 18 days till christmas
many goodbyes to say
5 postcards to send
4 exams to pass

it's too late already - for all the stuff which needs to be finished...and yet, I wish the time'd pass faster...


  1. I´m the most curious about the first thing on the CTTDBCH list... Is there a sweet lovestory to happen? :)

  2. well, I hoped there would be...but it seems like there won't be anything more than "just" friends... but for now, it's ok with me - one day at a time, taking things slowly...... I'll let you know as soon as something changes :)