Oct 1, 2010

two lists, and the discoveries of the day

on one of the blogs I follow there was an extremely funny and realistic post about...

and so here's mine:

☞ discovered that waking up from a dream and then thinking it was true for a couple of minutes is the nicest and at the same time worst feeling on the world
☞discovered that 1L milk per day is a little bit extreme and costs a bit too (so I might try to control my addiction in the future)
☞discovered/realized I'm still falling in love - more and more ever day (gee that's a year worth of falling! - I bet Alice didn't fall this long to the wonderland)
☞rediscovered my camera - as awful as it is, I didn't take a picture for a long time!
☞discovered that paper clips make a good hair-pins (lol - just kidding - I didn't discover this today - I knew it for a long time)
☞discovered that my little cosmetic purse where I keep make-up and such useless stuff isn't a good place for my keys because there they're in danger to be "lost" for 2 weeks - as I rarely look in there
☞ discovered my keys hiding in my little cosmetic purse
☞ discovered that you can and should cook apples in a microwave /they're delicious!
☞ discovered that 2L of milk, bread and a couple of cans do fit into my school bag - with all the other things already in there

and that's it...no more discoveries :)

now please look at the two new lists on the sidebars.
See them?
Now I'll explain...

One of them is a list of "CRAZY THINGS I NEED TO DO BEFORE CHRISTMAS" heck that's a long name for a list :)
it all started yesterday when we gave those flowers to some strangers on the street and I loved the feeling of making people happy out of nowhere :) and also it brought some excitement to my otherwise boring school-life...

Second one is a list of things which I should "CAPTURE IN MY PHOTOS"
and this is an occasion for you to tell me what you'd like to see through my eyes :)
but as I know that not many people come here and I actually feel like talking to myself most of the time...well I've added a couple of things which I always wanted to photograph and never really did - no idea why..

SO GO AHEAD AND ADD SOMETHING (in a comment - I'll update the lists later)

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